Simon Wood of Forza invited us to the showroom launch of Genius Loci by Valcucine. This stunning kitchen is showcased in the front window of the prestigious showroom in Great Portland Street, London. We were so impressed with the level of craftmanship, attention to detail, functionality and cutting-edge finishes that take this kitchen to another level.

We just needed the perfect project to specify this cutting-edge kitchen in its stunning smoke glass worktop, with copper mesh backed glass units.

The kitchen’s standout features include Valcucine’s unique Air Logica system, a sleek and highly practical storage solution. Comprising a large unit that slots neatly behind the worktop, Air Logica houses a wealth of customisable storage and illuminated back panels.

Valcucine’s patented V-Motion kit is a further optional component of the Air Logica system, but it’s a feature that could make all the difference to a busy chef. Simply wave a hand and the front panel of the unit will open or close, revealing or concealing your kitchen accessories on demand. Plus – in yet another example of Valcucine’s commitment to making life easier – the sink tap automatically pivots outwards when the panel is opened and retracts when it is closed. So, when you have finished in the kitchen all can be easily hidden away. 

Proving that great design comes down to the smallest of details, Genius Loci features shallow accessory drawers beneath the worktop (which has been slimmed down to create the extra space). The fronts of these secret compartments are enhanced with natural copper.

Functionality is at the heart of every Valcucine kitchen, and Genius Loci is no exception. Its island unit comes complete with a bridging frame that’s well equipped with lighting, a handy accessory rail, and power bar. Island bar units take ‘centre stage’ and inject a sociable vibe.

The standalone unit is a multi-tasking wonder, with appliances concealed behind pocket doors that slide away discretely when the ovens or other appliances are in use. Plus, for safety, the unit is fitted with a safety box feature that switches off the power when the doors are shut.

Whilst working with Mark Wilkinson of Louis de Soissons Architects on a new-build 5-bedroom contemporary house in Herefordshire, we suggested to the clients early on in the project that it was important to think about the kitchen, as it is the heart of the home. We booked three showroom visits, the first being Forza, and the clients fell in love with this kitchen straight away! It’s due to be installed later this year.