The planning drawings for this new build apartment block spread over eleven floors had the apartments segmented in to the curved footprint of the building.

This presented us with a challenge.  Due to the shape of building many of the apartments on the planning drawings did not meet current building regulations. Risers and stack locations didn’t line up through the building falling foul of various regulations.

The other challenge was that planning had agreed the number of one, two, three and four bedroom apartments, It left us with tremendous task to ensure this allocation did not change and that we brought the development in line with planning regulations.


We carefully reviewed each floor to give more symmetrical layouts, maximising each room to its full spatial potential, ensuring all risers and stacks lined up through the building and that building regulations were fully adhired to. 

Whilst getting the development to meet regulations was important it was vital to consider the aspects, views and dual aspects. We re-drew the plans and altered the locations to ensure that the most profitable apartments were in the most desirable positions.

The end results gave the developer clear internal plans that all trades could follow, a development that met with current regulations and a more desirable and profitable end development.

To this day it was one of the most challenging developments we have worked on. A lot of time and money would have been saved on this project if we had been brought in at the pre planning stage. We would have started from scratch and had everything within regulation before it went to planning and that would have allowed us a lot more flexibility to make the room layout, sizing and stock selection more profitable and also create beautiful homes for the final residence.